Introduction to the City Council

Akkaraipattu Municipal Council is a local government institution in the Eastern Province which provides local government services within the Municipality and it was upgraded as Municipal Council in 2011.

The mayor and the councillors of this Council are elected through local government elections and this municipality has been ruled by the National Congress (NC) for the last 11 years.

Akkaraipattu Municipal Council has a high population density with nearly 39,390 people accommodated in 23 GS divisions (6.507 km2) consisting of 12 Electoral Wards. They live in about 11,287 families. Of these inhabitants, 19,107 are male (48.5%) and 20,283 are female (51.49%) (Department of Census and Statistics & EDO’s – 2018). Nearly 99.58% of the city population are Muslims, 0.22% Tamils, 0.19% Sinhalese and others 0.1%. The population density of the city varies very widely. According to the statistical report of the Department of Census and Statistics & EDO – 2018, the average population density of Akkaraipattu Municipality was 6,053 persons per square kilo meter in 2018.

The main source of revenue income of this Council depends on the assessment tax collection.

Akkaraipattu Municipal Council with main four (04) divisions has been providing local government services such as health related services, solid waste management, roads with drainage maintenance, lands and environmental development, library, emergency services and street lighting services while ensuring cost effective service delivery.

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