Introduction to the City

Historical Background

Akkaraipattu is a coastal city in the Ampara District of Eastern Province of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and it is  approximately 250 km (160 miles) away from Colombo on the Eastern direction. During the period of British rule, the city was called Karunkodithivu. 

In the concept of local governance, Akkaraipattu had been referred to as Karunkodithivu Pradeshiya Sabha. Karunkodithivu Pradeshiya Sabha was renamed as Akkaraipattu Pradeshiya Sabha later on and it covered a total area of 48.36 (18.67 sq.miles) with the population of approximately 47,000 before Akkaraipattu Municipal Council was declared in January 2011. 

At present, the Akkaraipattu Municipal Council Area is limited to an area of 6.507 square kilo meter land area and the rest is announced as Akkaraipattu Pradeshiya Sabha. Akkaraipattu Municipal Council has a high population density with nearly 39,390 people accommodated in 23 GS divisions (6.507 km2) consisting of 12 Electoral Wards. They live in about 11,287 families. Of these inhabitants 19,107 are male (48.5%) and 20,283 are female (51.49%) (Department of Census and Statistics & EDO’s – 2018). Nearly 99.58% of the city population are Muslims, 0.22% Tamils, 0.19% Sinhalese and others 0.1%.

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