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The history of the library in Akkaraipattu has passed over three(3) generations. The Akkaraipattu Public library alias Hallaj Resource Centre was established in 1930 in the name of Iynul Hudha Nanneri Ootru Thadaham by a  society called ‘Iynul Hudha Library Society’ at Division No. 02, Akkaraipattu. It disappeared during the cause of time. 

Later,  the society alias ‘Jinna Kalaham’ was found in 1950 and they found a library called ‘Iqbal Library’. in the meantime, they separated themselves in to two groups and found another library called ‘Iqbal Library’. 

In the second generation, ‘Akkaraipattu Students Library’ was found in 1961 at Praipannai, Main Road, Akkaraipattu 01, by the team presided by the late Hon. M I Uthuma Lebbe, MP. 

The libraries up to 1968 were private until ‘Akkaraipattu Students Library’ was handed over to the government by the team maintained them. 


In 1968, ‘Akkaraipattu Students Library’ was handed over to the government and was run by the then Akkaraipattu Village Council. It had 3 departments. At the beginning the library had 3 departments, the Reading Room, the Lending Room & the Reference Library. 

By now, there are two libraries being maintained by Akkaraipattu Municipal Council, Hallaj Resource Centre at the Council premises and Akkaraipattu Public Library at Division No. 19, Akkaraipattu. 

Hallaj Resource Centre has a collection of nearly ten thousand and five hundred books while Akkaraipattu Public Library has a collection of about fifteen thousand and both of libraries have 07 newspapers & 10 periodical titles in all 3 languages, Sinhala, Tamil & English.



Mainly library is catered to the general public of the Akkaraipattu Municipal area. At the same time, there are provisions to join the library, persons who studying or working in the city limits.


In addition, one could be a member after deposit Rs. 150/= as a deposit and Rs. 100/= as a membership fee together with dully filled application which could be collected from the Council.

Opening Hours

Open for reading from 08.00 – 18.00 hrs

          for lending from 08.00 – 17.00 hrs

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