Welcome to the guidelines of Akkaraipattu Municipal Council to obtain an Environmental Protection Licence.

The Environmental Protection License (EPL) is a regulatory/legal tool under the provisions of the National Environmental Act No: 47 of 1980 amended by Acts No 56 of 1988 and No 53 of 2000.

Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) – Objectives

•    To prevent or/and minimizes the discharge or deposition or emission of toxic pollutants or waste into the environment from prescribed activities/ industries. Ensures compliance with environmental standards, encourages pollution prevention, waste minimization and cleaner production, and promotes planning and development of industries in an environmentally sustainable manner.

•     To develop an approach to pollution control that considers discharges from prescribed activities /(industrial) processes to all media (air, water, land) in the context of the effect on the environment.

If the performance of prescribed activity/ industry met this objective considerably, then the licensing authority will decide to issue the EPL.

Standards and Criteria

Section 23 A of the National Environmental Act (NEA) explicitly states that no person shall carry out any prescribed activity except under the authority of an EPL and in accordance with such standards and other criteria as may be prescribed under the Act.

Wastewater DischargeStandards

The standards for discharge of wastewater into the environment were published in the Gazette Notification No. 1534/18 dated 01/02/2008 termed as the National Environmental (Protection & Quality) Regulations No 01 of 2008.

Environmental Protection License must be obtained from this Council by someone that intends to initiate an industry within the Municipality limits.

Application form will be issued at the payment of Rs. 100/- as an application fee.

Following documents are required to be submitted for obtaining an Environmental Protection License.

  1. Application Form
  2. Deed of Agreement
  3. Letter/s of Concern from Surrounding People certified by the Grama Niladhari
  4. A Copy of Surveyor Plan
  5. Business Registration Certificate

For inquiry, contact:

Mr. J Akeel Ahamed

Phone  : 067 205 7602

Mobile : 077 345 1774

E-mail: engineer@akkaraipattu.mc.gov.lk

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