Compost Production and Sale is another key service provided by Akkaraipattu Municipal Council through the Health Department. The Department is responsible for maintaining health and sanitary standards of the area through a proper mechanism. 

The Waste Collection Team collects wastes from the Council limits segregated by the residents themselves. The Council has introduced two different colour bags for waste collection; green for degradable and yellow for non-degradable.  

The degradable wastes are subjected for compost production. Around 3,000 kilograms of compost are being produced by the Council every month. 

The compost produced from the degradable wastes is available for sale at the Council Compost Sale Centre. 

Available at 25 kilogram bags for Rs. 275.00. 


Dr(Mrs). S S Hamthoon

Phone:  067 205 6393

Mobile: 076 010 2391


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