This is one of the key tasks handled by the Accounts Department of Akkaraipattu Municipal Council which is responsible for assessing all kinds of properties for the purpose of rates, the main source of income for the council, and providing many other services in relation to the assessment.

Key Tasks handled by the Council and the Sections of the Municipal Council Ordinance, Chapter 252

        Assessment of properties [230(1)]

        Assessment of state properties [231]

        Valuation of property [235]

        Procedure in case of objection to assessment and … [236] 

        Revision of assessment on alteration of property affecting annual value [237]

        Assessments of annual values [238]

        Revision of assessment and remission of rates in certain cases [239]

        Liability of persons leaving the Municipality [241]

        Seizure of movable property [242]

        Deduction of rates paid by tenant from rent [243]

        Assessment, valuation or charge not to be impeached for want of form [244]

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